Brie Larson once said: “I would like to live in a world where [Blank]. “ At GoWeeWee, we would like to live in a world where going wee-wee is easy, clean, and fun, and it has been our motto since.

The reality is, there are not enough public restrooms, and we believe the solution is to work with retailers to open their restroom, and show them how it could benefit their businesses. With maximum effort, our slogan will soon become, “We would like to live in a world where going wee-wee is easy, clean, and fun.”

Thomas "Swift" Li

Senior iOS Developer

A coder from birth. Tom is passionate about creating intuitive technology. Problem-driven at heart, he strives to create a better world by leveraging the latest technology. Tom works on our iOS team.

Favorite movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Favorite song: Bon Jovi’s “Always”

Mike “M&M” Miller

Senior Software Developer

Mike is responsible in server side development and performance. He enjoys playing and developing online games, maybe will integrate his games with GoWeeWee someday, WeeWee games? Anyone?

Favorite TV show: Mr. Robot
Favorite song: Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”

Stefan “King Turd Ⅰ” George


An entrepreneur from the start. Stefan has always been seeking ways to better the world. From running a BBQ joint in Pittsburgh to hosting over 1000 guests at Bed and Breakfast in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and New Jersey. Bachelor of Computer Science from Stony Brook University, he likes utilizing his knowledge and creativity to belt the world Wee-Wee free.

Favorite TV show: South Park
Favorite song: Aerosmith’s “I Don’t want to Miss a Thing”