Our journey started with two foodies who love to travel. While on the road, they found that there is nothing more annoying than when nature calls whilst exploring a new city. We’ve all been there, spending ages searching for a toilet, only to find one that looks like a crime scene or isn’t open to the public.

Stefan and Thomas created GoWeeWee to make it easier to find restrooms when you need to, you know, go wee-wee. Later down the line, they realized that a restroom finder wasn’t quite enough. It had to be a CLEAN restroom finder. GoWeeWee provides users with a map of peer reviewed restrooms, so you can relieve yourself stress-free. Not only this, you will only see restrooms that are open at the time of your search, so you will never be let down at the last minute.

Now, with an index of over 230,000 restrooms, we've got foodies covered worldwide, so go wild.

Thomas "Swift" Li

SVP of Engineering

A coder from birth. Tom is passionate about creating intuitive technology. Problem-driven at heart, he strives to create a better world by leveraging the latest technology.

Favorite destination: New Orleans, LA
Favorite food: Mother's Restaurant, NOLA

Mike “M&M” Murphy


An entrepreneur from the start. Mike has always been seeking ways to better the world. From running a BBQ joint in Pittsburgh to hosting over 1000 guests at Bed and Breakfast in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and New Jersey.

Favorite destination: New York, NY
Favorite food: Joe's Pizza, NYC

Stefan “Genie” George

Senior Product Manager

A creative wizard. Stefan is responsible for the success of our products, and also a recreational Android app developer, we call him the genie for a good reason.

Favorite destination: Lisbon, Portugal
Favorite food: Artichoke Basille's Pizza, NYC