A short list of our frequently asked questions. For more information about GoWeeWee, or if you need support, please visit our Contact Us page.

What is GoWeeWee?

GoWeeWee is a restroom finder app with turn by turn direction, ratings. Additional filtering by amenities such as baby stations, special needs, and family restrooms.

Why are there only few restrooms shown?

We currently have over 230,000 restrooms listed worldwide. Upon searching restrooms on GoWeeWee, we show up to 20 restrooms that are closest and opened to your location within 2 mile (3km) radius.

Why sometimes there are no restrooms around me?

Our restroom search mechanism is based on your location and time, and the default search radius is approximately 2 miles (3km). We only show restrooms that are operating during your search, it wouldn't make too much sense to show ones that are closed, so depending on your time of the search, the result may vary.

How to remove Facebook data on GoWeeWee

Please make sure you are logged in on GoWeeWee App with Facebook Log in before proceeding. On GoWeeWee App, go to menu page and select 'Send feedback' tab. On the feedback page, type 'remove Facebook account' in the text box area, then press send. Your account record will be cleaned within 48 hours, please remember to log out of your GoWeeWee account after sending the feedback.

Where do we cover?

Our service covers USA, Canada, UK, Brazil, China and counting.

How much is the App?

$0.00 - Available for free in Apple and Google Play Store

Enable Geolocation Services?

It searches nearest restrooms based on your geolocation in real-time.

My Account

Is it necessary to signup?

Nope, but we encourage you to join us for the following reasons:

  • Rate and add restrooms
  • Report restrooms
  • More personalize settings


We value your privacy above all. We do NOT store your location data, and we do not share your information to third parties under any circumstances.