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Tokyo food theme is rich and diversified, and many of them carry the history and tradition of Japan. One can see the delicacy and attentiveness of Japanese chefs in it, whether it is ramen with rich soup, sashimi that is as soft and tender as cream, or affordable national delicacies such as okonomiyaki and bbq skewers, travelers from all over the world come to Tokyo to indulge in it.

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Editor's Choice

Layered crepes with cream


Pork cha-shu ramen


  • Ramen restaurant
  • Price: $$
  • Favorite: A5 beef dipping ramen.
  • Tsuta on GMaps
Fried steak platter

Asakusa Gyukatsu

  • Tonkatsu restaurant
  • Price: $$
  • Favorite: Spicy pollack roe fried-steak set 260g.
  • Asakusa on GMaps

Japanese savory pancake


Chef making salmon roll


fluffy pancake with strawberry jam


  • Pancake restaurant
  • Price: $$
  • Favorite: Chocolate banana souffle pancake.
  • Flippers on GMaps

Japanese udon with clear broth

Tsurutontan Shinjuku

Japanese fried pork cutlet

Tonkatsu Maisen Aoyama

  • Tonkatsu restaurant
  • Price: $$
  • Favorite: Fried pork cutlet (Kurobuta pork).
  • Tonkatsu on GMaps
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